• 2012 - A blog is born

    Brittany here. I never wanted to be a wedding planner. I was on track to be a lawyer, working as a Law Clerk in firms in Ottawa until I could afford to go to law school. A colleague of mine was engaged and asked for help designing her wedding. After realizing that there were no impartial, pretty and insightful resources or vendor guides for Ottawa brides, I launched a local wedding blog with a highly curated vendor list along with contemporary design ideas. 

  • 2013 - The blog takes off

    The blog, called Satin and Snow at the time, started receiving submissions from vendors across the world. It won multiple awards for Best Canadian Wedding Blog and it accidentaly became Canada's first fine art wedding website. I learned basic coding skills, SEO strategies, researched the international wedding industry, and learned everything I could about a wedding day (considering that I had never been married, I needed to do my homework).

  • 2014 - From blog to business

    I eventually launched wedding planning and design services through the blog and it completely changed my life. I was immediately booked up for the entire season, working with brilliant couples, healthy budgets and designing right out of the gate. It was a remarkable period of learning, fast growth and subsequent growing pains, sleeping in the boardroom over my lunch hour, and working 20 hours a day.

  • 2015 - Sink or Swim

    After all the hustling, a solid year of 140 hour work weeks and sleeping in my firm's boardroom over lunch hours, I realized it was time to leave my career at the law firm and launch into self employment. I've never looked back.

  • 2016 - Flowers in the Basement

    While the company was still tiny and based out of my one-bedroom apartment, I starting offering in-house floral design services as an alternative to costly, more experienced professional florists. It quickly became one of our more sought-after services. So much so that I had to move out of the apartment into a house, where I finally had a proper office (my dining room), showroom (my living room), and a floral processing area (my basement).

  • 2017 - From Basement to Boutique

    The house didn't last long. Less than a year after I moved in, I outgrew it. I found an adorable boutique in the trendy village of Wellington West in Ottawa and moved in immediately. The boutique was our new production site and we started selling actual wedding goods as well, making us the first wedding-specific shop in the entire region. We also won "Best Wedding Planner" at the Ottawa Wedding Awards: the highest honour we can achieve in our region.

  • 2018 - Fresh Start

    We outgrew the boutique within 4 months of moving in, and it was obvious that we had also outgrown our old identity: Satin and Snow was too fluffy for our style and I wanted something I could always get behind. My last name is Swedish and the proper pronunciation is "freed" - something that suits our style and attitude much more. The rebrand happened virtually overnight, and at the same time I found a much larger studio space in Kanata, so we moved in May and rebranded to a much more suitable name: Frid Events.