Best Bouquet Alternatives

bride holding a bouquet
image showing a bride holding a wedding bouquets silk flowers
a photo of a brooch-bouquet made by anna-hardy
image showing womens holding wedding lanterns bouquets
image showing a woman holding picik collage
woman with a Bouquet
a woman with a black-white-feather-wedding-bouquet
picture of feather-bouquets in womens hands
image of a Bouquet Alternative
bride holding a feather bouquet
close-up of Bouquet Alternatives
Bouquet Alternatives made of apples
bouquet made of flowers and pin
image of a wedding Bouquet
close-up of a brooch bouquete

These alternative bouquets are perfect for DIY brides looking to add a personal touch to their bridal bouquet. Why not try to make one yourself. Head to the nearest Salvation Army or Value Village and do some hunting for vintage brooches and costume jewelry to design your very own, personal, and completely unique to you bouquet.