Because Pinterest doesn't plan weddings.

Have you just realized that Pinterest doesn't actually plan weddings?

Don't fret! Our team of wedding planners, event designers, florists and graphic artists are here to help.

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Brittany Frid

Let me guess...

After you popped the bubbly and told everyone the good news, you were asked about your date, venue, colours, even the vegan options... details you haven't thought about yet. Your bridesmaids are MIA, your mother is driving you nuts, your Pinterest boards are all over the place, and you're starting to dream of eloping. Sound familiar? Thought so.

You're in the right place: we're a multi-service one stop wedding planning shop. We're community leaders in our local wedding industry, our designs have been widely published, and our business model is incredibly unique. Let's grab a drink and I'll show you how we do things different over here.

Brittany Frid
CEO + Creative Director

difficult in-laws timeline conflicts your aunt's random kiwi allergy hundreds of emails from vendors panic attacks over the budget dumb wedding party questions shuttle schedules group block rates contract negotiations floor plan issues catering details rain plans rental quotes stationery wording processional/recessional order song lists for the DJ

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Wedding planning services in Ottawa


We have three teams: the Design team, the Planning team, and the Production team. Each team combines in unique ways to provide event design, planning, coordination, florals, styling, stationery and rentals, making your wedding day beautiful, easy and cohesive. Our services are meant to be a la carte, so you can combine our teams as you please.

Wedding Vendors in Ottawa

Partnership Program

Not sure what vendors to hire, and not looking forward to managing all those contracts and payments? The vendors in our Partnership Program give you 5% off, and we add them to our contract. Plus, we put their fees on our payment plan, so you pay one bill a month between all of the companies, and you're paid up by the date of your wedding. 

Studio Rental Ottawa

Studio Space

Our large studio space is home to the Frid Team, but we also host workshops and rent it out for group events. We can comfortably host 35+ in our contemporary warehouse-style space. Between lush furniture, all natural light, high ceilings and open space, it's an ideal setting for photo shoots, group classes, seminars, and parties.